Pour-over Coffee

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

June 22, 1960, Chemex

A lot of people keep asking the obvious question when the Chemex brewers (or other pour-over coffee brewers) get brought up:

What is so great that makes pour-over coffee better?


Bottom-line, the coffee just tastes better. There are a lot of variables we could talk about, but I’ll save those for a more in-depth Coffee Tasting. Most pour-over brewers give the user more control of all the variables that go into making a good cup of coffee after the roasting stage. That means that you can make a quality cup of coffee at home just the same as Mars Cafe or some other place. Granted, greater control of all the variables also means your end result will be just as consistent as you are with your process.

PS. They make a fantastic gift. Ask about our Chemex Pack (includes filters + 1/2lb coffee).

If you want to learn more, stop in for a Coffee Tasting. We host them every Saturday at 9am.