Daniel Bosman Explains How to Make the Perfect Chemex Pour Over

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Originally posted on 9/30/13 by Laura Billingsley on DMJuice.com

Pour-over coffee might seem like a new trend, but it’s actually an old brewing method. Before electric coffee machines became common, the pour-over method was a simple system for making coffee with minimal equipment.

The search for pour-over coffee in Des Moines invariably leads to Mars Cafe in the Drake neighborhood and head barista Daniel Bosman. It’s a safe bet you don’t put as much time into thinking about your coffee as Bosman does. He knows a lot about coffee and about why most people are probably doing it wrong.

Do you freeze your coffee grounds?

“Please don’t do that,” he said.

Do you grind up a whole week’s worth of coffee and put it in a canister? According to Bosman (and most coffee experts) it’s best to grind beans just before brewing them.

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