Organic Mexican El Triunfo

We are now serving the Organic Mexican El Triunfo from CESMACH Cooperative as our daily “light” roast. This coffee has a rich, full body with tart apple acidity and notes of nougat and candied almond on the elegant finish. It has notes of Sugar Wafer, Apple & Nougat

About the Grower

Traditionally, Mexico has been a country not typically known for producing stellar coffee. For years, the coffees we’ve seen coming out of Mexico have been inconsistent and at times poorly processed, masking the potential greatness that exists in Central America’s largest country. Mexico has all the right ingredients for being a quality force to be reckoned with: high altitudes (1200-1800 Meters), heirloom varieties (typica and bourbon), and very fertile soils.

This single farmer lot from Renau Perez is an example of an extremely progressive move by one of Mexico’s most progressive cooperatives: CESMACH. The acronym stands for Campesinos Ecologicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas. The cooperative has a total of 480 small to medium sized members who have been churning out excellent coffee for the last several years. And this year, in collaboration with Cafe Imports, CESMACH has decided to separate out individual farmer lots from some of their best farmers, including Mr. Perez.

The results have been amazing. We were able to purchase two of these lots from individual farmers and are loving the unique beauty of these coffees. Typically Mexican coffees are fairly mild with notes of nut and cocoa, but these lots are full of wonderful shades of fruit, apple toned acidity, with strong toffee and caramel flavors.

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