Far(Mars) Market

Mars Cafe and Kickapoo Coffee are headed to the Downtown Farmer’s Market this Saturday, May 18!

Two of our best baristas, Logan and Merle, will be down along with Neal and Luke from Kickapoo to serve some amazing drinks and chat you up. We’ll be offering iced toddy, Chemex pour overs, and organic Colombian single origin drip coffee. (If you want my advice, spring for a Chemex.)

We’ll also have whole beans for sale with some really delicious choices. Do I sense a list coming on? Yes, I do.

1. Natural Process Ethiopian Biloya
2. Bolivian David Chambi
3. Ethiopian Yergacheffe
4. Kenya Kangocho Peaberry
5. Ecuador Palanda
6. Peru Huabal

I haven’t had a chance to try all of these myself, but I can vouch to the highest degree for the Bolivian and the Peaberry. The David Chambi has some serious brown sugar happening, and is a really nice rounded cup. It’s exactly the smell I’d want to wake up to in the morning. The Kenya Peaberry is a really crisp drink, with a full body, and some wonderful citrus smells. Both of these coffees are awesome done up v60 style.

The takeaway here is, hit up the Farmer’s Market, because there is some incredible local produce available (And who doesn’t love buying local foods?), and while you’re down there, give us a visit. Everyone at our little table will be happy to answer any questions you’ve got about preparation methods, sourcing, roasting, or the weather.


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